Truthfulness - Respect - Responsibility

Fairness - Caring - Citizenship

Courage - Commitment - Faith

This extraordinary values based program is the result of extensive research developed under the sponsorship of a blue-ribbon steering committee in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, leading to city and county wide adoption. It was further refined through Ethics academic conference presentations and peer reviews at annual conferences on College Student Values at Florida State University in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

The complete program was brought to fruition under a financial grant made possible through the United States Senate and New Mexico's former Senior Senator Pete Domenici's office

The "Four Point" teaches character education and developmental ethics to professional educators that in turn provides the 'Four Point' blueprint  for community, corporate and education leaders to undertake training, learn the methodology and become the catalysts for creating mature Community-wide Character Development trainers and

Gives community leaders and educators the opportunity to adopt and adapt a community wide character and ethics program that has teeth, clout, and long term staying poweR.


Is easily adaptable to any organization, anywhere.


How  the 'Four Point' Program WILL Benefit Your Community!

You can claim the program for your organization by sending us your email address indicating in the commentary section your interest in the "Four Point" . We will be happy to discuss with you how our program can ignite character and ethics development in your schools, your business, your local government, and throughout your community.