An Entrepreneurs Drive to be Ethical 

This is an entrepreneur's moral hot button because it exposes an entrepreneur's own personal ethic, one that defines the moral character and bedrock CHARACTER beliefs of his or her organization. Fundamental organization theory regarding any "power control center" will expose every time that a failure to bring ethics to the table at the start will inevitably assure an entrepreneur's and his or her organization's failure somewhere down the line. Want examples? How about those great entrepreneurial ventures known as Tyco, Global Crossing, and Enron not to mention the thousands of upon thousands of new enterprises that fail every year.
As the old saying goes 'just because it is legal Does Not make it ethical! Why communities continue to put lawyers in charge of Ethics Committees is beyond comprehension. The law as lawyers are found of saying is a Jealous Mistress and will defend literally to the death that if action is legal it is morally and ethically just under the law. Evey human being knows that is not true and that is why Justice is blindfolded so that she can not see the injustice being entered in the name of the law as it exists. Example -- Slavery.
An entrepreneur must establish a culture of character education and proactive ethics and integrity attitudes from top to bottom from the outset. This assures an organizationally life threatening future dilemma will be avoided. Otherwise, like the examples above, one may wake up one morning and find everything  worked for -- lost.

Did you know that all successful entrepreneurs fail to succeed at least once in a new venture before they finally hit the jackpot?

Did you know the average number of failures an entrepreneur has in a lifetime of entrepreneurial undertakings is? Now you know why there aren't many super entrepreneurs (Bill Gate's types) around. Failure has a way of weeding out the non-entrepreneurs pretty quickly.

Did you know that most entrepreneurs would rather invest in another business venture rather then stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, currencies, real estate, and any other investment instruments combined?

Did you know that entrepreneurs are called "transformational leaders"