Student Values

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One of the most striking statistics brought about by surveying high school and college students is the large percentage that are aware of cheating, protect it and consider it of very large proportions.

For the past several years since this instrument has been in place surveying students, the figures regarding cheating have remained rather constant. One of the variables that is not measurable is the number who do not answer the survey honestly or "fudge" their answers for fear that the survey will reveal their identity if they admitted to "cheating" putting them, the might presume, in harms way. 

Therefore, CEFE researchers believe the percentages of actual cheating abuse are much higher than those revealed. To find out the published percentages and to be aware of the views of high school and college students on ethics and values go to CEFE PRESS where a story regarding the results will be posted.

If you are a student, take the survey. Your opinion counts!