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Before you engage your next expert to speak before  your group, consider Global Academy Online as a one-stop resource for  your next Keynote Speaker to Workshop Leader to training session expert or your club featured speaker's presentation. Global Academy Online has someone for you. The following are suggested areas to pick among. Other topics including the political influences on Education, international education competition for students and the declining value of a College education are also worthy of consideration. 
Global Academy Online does not charge a fee but does accept honorariums to be determined by the sponsoring organization. Benefactors have the opportunity as well to take advantage of tax deductions by earmarking the honorarium for one of Global Academy Online's recommended 501C3 non profit Charitable Education organizations. 
1. The Systemic Failure of American Education – and how to reverse it
2. The Online Education Revolution
3. Way of the Entrepreneur
4. The Future for America
5. Who are the world’s Best & Worst Online Colleges and Universities
6. Home School a College Degree Tuition Free
 7 What you Need to Know about Ethics and Values today!
 8  Surviving a personal Economic Catastrophic event - note well
 9Over 60 - The new middle age and your 0pportunity

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