President: L.O. Bowen


Global Academy, stands today as one of America's premier international leaders and pioneers in the exploding development of online approved, and accredited colleges and universities. Our firm's domestic, as well as international university advanced services, have grown up over the past 16years. We emerged from a commitment to installing online programs in colleges and universities to building online and blended colleges and universities from the ground up.

Among our oldest continuous services includes the publication of the annual Best and Worst Online Schools - now in its 15th year. Also, we have been engaged for the past dozen years offering certifications in Ethics and Entrepreneurship and Visual Arts disciplines. The past eight years we have offered the public our latest information regarding online education on Twitter@BestWorstOnine - now with over 14,000 followers. Each of our in house services are examples of our complete dedication to providing the best in information and online programs - all based on our grass-roots models and pragmatic applications developed from the earliest days of the online education revolution.
My team seeks to remain solidly ahead as an online/blended college and university developer - a role that shows an ever increasing expansion of our FREE education opportunities on an international scale. We are proud to be among a mere handful of higher education specialists capable of bringing cost-effective 21st century state-of-the-art course and learner management systems to individuals and organizations who are willing to grasp the extraordinary challenge - the challenge to create an online and blended university in the right place, at the right time, on a scale rarely imagined.
WE see the future clearly and welcome this opportunity to guide and offer our considerable expertise to you and your organization to be one with this extraordinary evolution in education - one that transforms ideas and imagination into opportunity for students worldwide at all levels of education.
L.O. Bowen
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Global Academy Colleges, University and School under development for 2018/19

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Victory Atlantic College

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Virginia A&M

Coronado College

Sacramento Mountain College

University of West Africa

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