President: L.O. Bowen

Hi and Welcome To Global Academy (Online),

Global Academy stands today as one of the premier international leaders and pioneers in the exploding development of online, digital, cyber based and  approved, licensed, and accredited colleges and universities. Our firm's domestic, as well as international university advanced services, have grown up over the past 18 years. We emerged from a commitment to developing and installing online curriculum in colleges and universities at the turn of the Century to building world class online and blended colleges and universities a decade later.

Among our oldest continuous services is the publication of the Annual Edition of the Best and Worst Online Schools - now in its 17th year. And, for the past 14 years, the firm has sponsored certifications in Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Clinical Pastoral Studies, Virtual Reality, 2D & 3D Animation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in multiple colleges.

During The past ten years we have offered the public our latest information regarding online education on Twitter @BestWorstOnline where we are currently followed by over 15,000 daily. We publish rankings of top college and universities offering online degrees and expose both the good, the bad, and the questionable education providers worldwide.
Each of our in-house services are examples of complete dedication. We offer the latest information about online programs from a global perspective - all based on our extensive experience and grass-roots models and pragmatic applications. This internal expertise has been developed from our earliest days of the online education revolution and one that is now sweeping the globe.
My team remains solidly ahead as an online/blended college and university delivery systems developer - a role that shows an ever increasing expansion and dedication to the latest technology, methodology and pedagogy. We spear headed the concept of providing FREE higher education opportunities a half dozen years before MOOCs became all the rage and built the first model of a free university in 2005 that has led to sweeping forms and proposals globally for free higher education for all.
We are counted among a mere handful of higher education specialists capable of bringing cost-effective 21st century state-of-the-art course and learner management systems to institutions and the students they serve. These are the organizations willing to grasp the extraordinary challenge the future lays before all of us in education - the challenge to create the colleges and universities of tomorrow in the right place, at the right time, and on a scale rarely imagined that immerses individual learners into a total knowledge acquisition environment few ever thought possible.
WE see the future clearly. We offer this opportunity to you - our considerable expertise to guide and offer you the ability to be among those who will spearhead and lead the ongoing extraordinary evolution in education - one that transforms ideas and imagination into opportunity and evolutionary success for all who participate.
LaFonda O. Bowen
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     New York - Florida - Texas

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