One of a Kind



Creating a Powerhouse

Global Academy (Online) has long been a guide to colleges and new eLearning organizations find the built-in wherewithal to become online and blended education powerhouses. The ability to offer and deliver world class curriculum and instruction with Global Academy as an institution's guide and mentor enables the host institution to act at will, night or day, seven days a week year round, to deliver a higher education advantage few institutions can meet or surpass on their own. 

Global Academy (Online) in early 2017 sought to bring its expertise directly to the public through the creation of specific niche institutions of higher learning and training schools from GED to PhD's. As a result, several new institutions have been developed by Global Academy to specifically address the needs of an internationally growing need for institutions of higher learning interconnected to provide matriculating students and trainees an unending treasure trove of options - treasure that furthers the opportunity for on-demand learning, anytime, anwhere and to be able to do so for a lifetime.

Global Academy (Online) faculty comprise one of the largest concentrations of experienced and professional eLearning specialists under one roof. Operating independently, Global Academy offers exceptional faculty to staff and administer its creations that are both content developers and experienced online and ground based classroom instructors. They represent academic disciplines considered by their peers to be the cutting edge and some of the most difficult to develop and teach online. 

Global Academy is among the first institutional specialists and startup experts in developing entirely new colleges and universities from the ground up. Beginning in 2012, the Academy's specialists re-targeted the education development programs from strictly curriculum development to schools desiring to create stand-alone online operating divisions of traditional nonprofit schools seeking to break into the development of their own online degree programs. Prior to Global Academy, many attempted, few succeeded due to the resistance of existing faculty. MIT, Columbia, the University of Illinois and the University of Maryland were all early pioneers. However only the University of Maryland persisted and survived the early experiments in the 90's. Since they have all come around to various applications of their own.

Global Academy partnered with 150 year old University and its newly formed Business School's Entrepreneur Studies Division to develop its first  private-label degree and training programs that made their collective debuts as a 36 hour MBA/Leadership program and 10 day leadership training certificate programs. Today, the MBA is the Global Academy (Online) anchor program and the first of over 40 other degree and certificate/diploma programs that followed. Each individually and collectively can be offered enabling the professional formation and initiation of an entire online university for organizations worldwide in as little as six months in certain domestic and international jurisdictions and up to five years in others.

Global Academy recruits international faculty that are both ground-based classroom and online experienced to delivery college courses at all levels as well as specialized in-depth training within critical public sectors. No other online institution-to-institution provider compares.

Curriculum and program availability ranges from certificate training to custom designed degree paths. Doctoral and Masters certified and qualified faculty are recruited and placed by Global Academy (Online) to deliver its licensed programs to institutions using specially designed private-label Course Management Learning Systems. The systems support and enhance the technology level of new online and blended schools developing new online undergraduate, graduate and stand alone divisions.