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Global Academy (Online) is an AMERICAN international higher education consultancy specializing in building new online and blended colleges and universities. The Firm counts itself among the most innovative pioneer developers of cutting edge online and blended colleges and universities in the world today.
Global Academy (Online) was formed and created in the 90's by the nation's first nonprofit CYBER 'think tank' under the leadership of Dr. Fred DiUlus, destined to become the number one developer of totally turn-key online higher education nonprofit higher education institutions through his development of the pending patent pending systems process known as The Gauntlet.
Global Academy (Online) manages and develops for organizations and institutions desiring to enter the field of Higher Education the entire Online and Blended school start-up process. The firm incorporates systems installations that provides the essential formation, curriculum and program development, strategic planning, faculty recruitment, approvals and accreditation processes and representation through to local, state, provincial, national and international approvals and accreditation. Each organization school under Global Academy Online's guidance will have the authority to seek out and attract students from any where in the world.
Global Academy (Online) specialty In-house outbound public relations, marketing and publishing expertise permits client organizations  to  reach into every nation on earth with access to all their potential constituents literally everywhere on Earth.
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40 degree programs -  Scholar Practitioners - 100000+ Volumes - Custom Designed - BS,MS MBA DBA PHD -  online teaching experts - Special Resources - Android/IPhone/Tablet accessible - 100 Diploma programs - Traditional Teaching - Proprietary Academics - IOS accessible - 4500 FREE Courses - Online Pioneers - Intercollegiate Access - Windows Access


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