Perceived Independent Accreditation


The accrediting agencies below are those independent organizations that have a presence on the world-wide-web and steadfastly claim their own legitimacy. 

The Academy, as a matter of policy, suggests that new institutions or those not seeking voluntary accreditation in the USA among US Department of Education approved regional and national private accrediting agencies, should check carefully before applying for membership and approval from any of the listed privately organized accrediting agencies below. In addition, an independent survey of each organization's membership as to whether or not membership and accreditation with that organization is both worthwhile and respected by its members would be prudent.
Contact Global Academy Online for any assistance in evaluating the veracity of claims made by the accrediting organizations listed and the real and perceived value of institutional association.

The following are private, non government approved, with the exception of ASIC who is also a member to the exclusion of all others on this list as a member of the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA's) International Quality Control Group.

Higher education accrediting agencies promoted by their professional associations like those listed below as well and formed by professional  like-minded organizations will officially sanction and approve their members to be in good standing for licensing of graduates to practice their specific profession to be used for the public welfare in order to define what is acceptable practice and standards.


A review of these particular accreditors above reveals, in many instances, acceptable credentials by the agency's member schools . More often than not, they espouse a solid mission statement. The key is not whether the agency meets a government or other agency's approval but whether or not the joined members of that institution would want to be associated with those who are also members. legitimate member attract legitimate applicants. The market determines the veracity of the accrediting claims, not anothers interpretation of what that accreditation means. The validity of the organization is therefore built on the quality of a so-called accreditation organization's members. In the final analysis - nothing more, nothing less than the perception of the institution that joins or is certified by one of these agencies above.


This list was updated in April 2016

Private Associations

If an accrediting agency is not listed here, it either does not have a website, is off the radar, or possesses little redeeming quality that would interest a new, developing, or existing online or on ground campus-based provider. 

Global Academy Online believes it would be prudent to assure that an affiliation with any one of the 'independents of government affiliation associations' listed here would be in the schools best interests. Such an affiliation should bring credit to the university and its affiliated organizations.

Otherwise, the membership could turn out to be nothing more than needless and costly window dressing.