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A Unique, One of a Kind Organization

The primary difference between Global Academy and other online so-called content providers is the fact that Global Academy actually can build an entire university whether new or as an add-on of an existing brick and mortar school from the ground up. The Academy uses its patent-pending system to ensure a constructions ultimate success while delivering the quality, private-label proprietary content from outstanding expert doctoral faculty.

Global Academy faculty are comparable in every respect to the finest faculty anywhere in the world. Professors and Academy licensed degree programs are designed and placed especially to meet the immediate, intermediate and long term needs required to assure success. In every respect, Global Academy faculty meet the most stringent of academic standards and requirements within every licensing jurisdiction in the world.

Measurement of Effectiveness
Global Academy offers a comprehensive measurement of online colleges and universities worldwide. Authored by Dr. Fred DiUlus every year since 2003, the father of online rating and ranking of online colleges and universities provides his annual rating of a college or university to provide and support online courses, degree programs and value to the student compared to the schools own brick and mortar programs as well as to other totally online and distance education providers.
DiUlus's concentration is on the schools committment to online education, the value of that education and the wealth of faculty the school has retained to teach and direct the effort. There is no attempt by the author to measure individual programs as the value of them can change in a heartbeat as professors and concentrations on the genre can be easily influenced by faculty and administration events, movements, retirement or transfer. This unique ratings book concentrates on the schools ability to deliver and its dedication to online learning and effort to equal or exceed its traditional education provisions.
Best and Worst Online Schools is absolutely free to members of the US Armed Forces and Veterans direct from Global Academy. For a nominal fee domestic and international public may purchase the book from Amazon.com for a token fee.

The Book offers ratings of over 500 online university programs, a list of the world's best; lifts the veil of secrecy regarding rules and significance of college accreditation; and how to piece together a free college degree from free courses offered around the world. DiUlus's proprietary five point rating system places major emphasis on the one thing most important to students - The faculty and their dedication and ability to teach online.

A Global Academy Blueprint
Success in University Building

The Academy is one of an elite handful of firms that offers a blueprint for developing total online accredited university colleges from the idea stage to recognized, approved, and accredited college or university level status.