Best & Worst Online Schools
    2020 Edition  
PREMIER Rating & Ranking of Online Colleges and Universities Since 2003

BEST & WORST ONLINE SCHOOLS (BWOS) has been successfully published annually since 2003. IT IS THE PREMIER RATING AND RANKING PUBLICATION that began with the rating and ranking of the 20 known online colleges and universities of any consequence in 2003. Today total of the number of schools offering online courses leading to a college  degree has ballooned to thousands globally - many in the past six years when Massive Open Online Courses were exposed for the first time, even though the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT} which traditional ranking and rating services have long established was the #1 or among the top 5 of universities in the world, had been offering 2500 free courses online without credit for more than a decade before MOOCs came into alleged existence. Now MIT and Harvard, two of the world's greatest have teamed up with EdX and continue to offer MOOCs.
Since the beginning BWOS has surveyed students nationwide who have  both traditional classroom bound experiences as well as online course experience. Consistently through out the past decade, students who have experienced both consider online education find that 70% find ONLINE higher education as good as or better than traditional classrooms. This fact long denied by traditional colleges fearful of the encroachment of private for profit online colleges has been validated by no less than PEW Research and many other polling institutions. The bottom line is that online education is exploding around the world and revolutionizing higher education as we know it.
This edition of BWOS rates and ranks the TOP 20 in the world and LISTS OVER 500 of the most seasoned providers that have a track record of offering online degree programs. The final rank goes from 1 to 5 with one being among the BEST and 5 being among the WORST.
An individual college or university ranking does not dwell on the fluctuating up and down ratings of individual programs that can be affected by faculty movement, a university or college's particular concentration on a specialty and whims of the administration to capitalize on the latest trends to recruit students. Rather, the BEST and WORST ONLINE SCHOOLS concentrates heavily on the overall performance of the university or college as an online program provider. If, it is argued, they are indeed considered among the best overall providers of online education in the world regardless of the division, genre or specialty concentration, then such a college or university is indeed among the elite providers whose overall online degree programs, regardless of the discipline, will always, and most certainly, be considered for generations among the elite leaders and providers of online higher education. 
The mix of online schools has grown exponentially over the years. Higher education providers, long skeptical cannot move fast enough in jumping on the bandwagon that many criticized not more than a decade ago as being an inept, useless and a less than worthy way to study and acquire degrees. Human resources divisions of major organizations bought into the obtuse and less than complimentary propaganda  - Not so anymore as more schools, in record numbers, are being added for evaluation to BWOS every day.
Best and Worst Online Schools s the oldest and considered by students and the public who follow it annually, among the most fair and unbiased rating of schools that offer complete online degree programs. Examination of the traditional school offering online programs and the purely online universities along with those who are based on a for profit or nonprofit model are measured equally. 
Click on the link below for the latest insights into schools, trends and opportunities to continue a life long relationship with the acquisition of knowledge including the latest rankings of the top twenty, the development of MOOCs, their future, twists and turns in how institutions are trying to financially manipulate them through mini certificates and the advent of new online degree programs -- Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. It is all there.


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