Way of the Entrepreneur
Fred DiUlus
The Way of the Entrepreneur is a lifetime of pragmatic hands on learning, over 50 years, in three books, the first to be released this month as Book I. Books II and III will follow in two and four months respectively. The DiUlus trilogy is a SUCCESS driven guide. It is designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the reader with a carefully and strategically laid out plan. The journey through the pages builds the entrepreneurs confidence, exploits pitfalls for the readers benefit and introduces effective tools for survival and prosperity. In sum, the book exposes the latest and most explosive new opportunities that await entrepreneurs. 
Dr. Fred Diulus, has helped GUIDE thousands of students, investment clients, union members and company employees ON THEIR own WAY of the entrepreneur PATH to independent success and achievement. DiUlus draws on his over five decades To show how it is done and what it takes to start, organize, fund, operate and run a new entrepreneurial venture successfully, the book is a must read. Power-packed and filled with ideas, strategies, and tactical maneuvers useful to the novice as well as the seasoned entrepreneurs, the WAY hopes to help you spark your entrepreneurial spirit.
The principals are rock solid and are applicable in even the most technologically advanced environment. For those desiring to step out on their own, revitalize their organization whether public or private, gain a heads-up in entrepreneurship grass roots techniques, or reinvent an existing enterprise,  this is THE book that can assist as the ever present invisible partner. The best part is that once you possess the book you can access the Author 24/7 right here  through CEFE's Entrepreneur Problem Solver page. 

Order your advance copy today either for yourself or someone you know who is looking for an experienced and proven WAY to conquer the economic chaos that surrounds us all and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within.
COST upon release:
KINDLE eBook. $9.95
Online Book Sellers: $12.95
20% discount for orders submitted from this website and for the two following editions of Book II and III.

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Quote from the Book

 "Anyone, and I do mean anyone, with enough desire and OOMPH, can be an entrepreneur - Are you?"